Revealed : The Secret Of Getting Your Brand Found Online

Young boy looking under his bed for a missing item. [url=][IMG][/IMG][/url]Nowadays when people find a piece of information about you and get interested in what you do, they may decide to search your name on Google, Bing or Yahoo to obtain more information about you before doing any business with you. However if you do not have control over your online presence the first results they may find may be unrelated to you, or they may be related to you but from someone else’s blog and providing only the information that blogger feels like revealing.

Whether you are a clown, accountant, prostitute, circus monkey or urban guava if people cannot find you online, they may doubt your existence or you may lose potential business.

Well sometimes the information is useful and good but sometimes it’s that horrible review Mcpotar and Spekktrumn wrote about your debut single months ago. Can you imagine that horrid article appearing as the first result on Google. I must remind you that 40% of people are said to click one of the first 3 results. So to establish yourself, be the first result on the search of your brand.

Wouldn’t it be better to tell your own stories and control the knowledge base that’s available about you on the internet. Facebook, Twitter  and other social networking platforms do not do justice in telling your story holistically, but indeed you can place your autobiography in the about section and also paste it as a note on Facebook. Facebook posts themselves are too hard to retrieve so I’d say if you’re not into blogging why not create an page which answers questions frequently asked about you or your brand. Update that page everytime there could be a big potential question about your brand especially address misconceptions and things misunderstood about your brand.

Imagine if there was certain misinformation about you on this blog. You posting about how wrong it is on twitter would only be seen for a few minutes in your feed but if you had a site or a blog yourself, the article in which you would counteract the negative publicity being spread about you would be easy to control. I know many dread paying hosting fees and so forth for a professional website but a simple blog for those who are testing the waters can be a free via  a blogger, weebly, webs, wix or wordpress site. Somewhere where you can announce your own news about what you are working on, what you have completed, your achievements and probably dedicate some pages to addressing questions people mostly ask about you or your product. Why not own your own ministry of propaganda.

You really don’t want other media to be controlling what people know about you. They may of course only speak positively about you while you are in good books, but can you imagine a time when you may be in bad relations with that blog? What will it say about you and what will people find when they google the issue? Will they find your angle of the story and put two and two together to find out which source is correct.

Another thing is, if your “moves” and biographies are easy to attain online, interested bloggers and journalists may not need to actually interview you directly to be able do a feature on you or your product. Remember different people are Googling your name for different reasons. The internet is wide with so many obstructions that if they cannot find you within the first 2 searches they’ll simply search for someone else who may be found more easily, unless you are the guy who has reportedly found the cure for AIDS and Cancer and finding you is a must (In which case many news blogs would have covered your story from their angle).

Imagine if I heard that there is a rap artiste named Synik and decided , “Okay, perhaps I would like to hear this Synik and talk about him on this blog.”

I would probably Google the search phrase, “Synik Hip-hop Artist Zimbabwe” or something close . A lot of articles that have already talked about this Synik individual would appear including his official site (hopefully with no results about a different Synik, since I would have included location). I’d probably read his site first then some of the articles from other sources and then combine all the information to create a good article.

Now if there were an article in a certain blog talking about something negative about the artiste, it would help more if I found the same issue on his site from his angle, for me to get a balanced view on the issue and so forth. The site would probably also provide me links to the music and pictures or videos I may need to embed with the article.

Do you realize how much control owning a website or blog that is worked on in organized fashion means?

On the other hand after setting up your lovely website which is very easy to navigate and find, you do need to still focus on credible sources talking about you in good light (unless your publicity strategy is to be controversial). Make sure you interact with journalists on twitter  and send press releases on every product you create if you feel it is newsworthy. That way besides your website people can trust information about how great you are if a big website like Zimbojam can confirm it, even the online version of a popular credible newspaper.

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