Revealed : The Geniuses Behind Schingy and Team Bho Success

There is no doubt, as much as Team Bho receives a lot of criticism, at one time last year it was at it’s peak receiving a lot of love from High School students whom they made a part of their movement. Their open door policy and tumbler branding was genius and was probably the orchestration of Shingi Maunganidze who studied marketing.

Targeting the young ones was wise because it was an untapped demographic which also easily adapts to trends and will grow with the music. See, there is a long term perspective when you deal with teenagers. Teenagers do not remain teenagers, so teenagers that become adherents of your music from High School will soon grow up and work, earn enough money to pay for your shows. They will idolize you. What a genius idea from Schingy and DJ Towers.

However in order to execute a working strategy they needed the hands of a renowned producer who had all the media connections, from PR to endorsements. They also needed the lyrics because their pen game was rather weak. So they reached to Anonzi Xndr Mutumha, the president of Rehab and got signed to Rehab. This allowed them to get radio interviews and press coverage. MarQues and Mc Cut (though they tried much to hide this fact) wrote songs for them in order for them not to embarrass the label which helped them improve and get mileage. Record after record they recorded freely till they got big headed after the award win.

Marques, Xndr, Mc Cut were the true geniuses.

Death Of The Idea

Well, a little fame had them disrespect, Xndr’s longtime business associate Stunner (who has a larger audience than they do). This led to their instant removal from the label and songs they had done there were with-held. The label decided to sell them at $150,00 a piece to them, which they could not foot. They could also no longer get the media support that came with being under Rehab so, they are now working to regain that.

So far DJ Towers has decided to satirize Xndr through posts where he disrespects him. Even Noble Stylz on twitter revealed that, though he is not a close ally of Xndr, he thinks that  Towers is crossing the line by involving family or someone’s girlfriend. T-One also expressed the same in a post he wrote on Facebook.

It’ss crazy out here…. Let’s see what happens next.

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