Response To Jnr Brown vs Cal_Vin Debate – Zim Hip-hop Awards 2015

Response To Jnr Brown vs Cal_Vin Debate

Zim Hip-hop Awards (ZHHA) were held on the 10th of December. Greatly organized event but controversy seems to always follow the culture… I need you to go through each segment of my response before rushing off to debate it out on twitter.

The Arguement On Submissions (The Idealistic View)

Now twitter has been buzzing after the awards with this issue about whether Jnr. Brown’s Maria is better than Cal_Vin’s Z’khuphani. Well I wont give an opinion on which is better because that’s relative from person to person but I will say Jnr. Brown should have submitted Maria for Zim Hip-hop Awards.

I saw a screenshot where the rapper said there was no need for submission because Ronaldo does not submit to be best player in Soccer. That made a lot of sense, however the Zim Hip-hop Awards yearly have indicated that in order to be considered as a nominee one has to submit. So hopefuls interested in attaining their awards simply must submit the required information. It is not a case of what is popular.

I’ll give the analogy of a Scholarship or Grant program. If you are a boffin like Maduku at the end of A-Level and pass with 15 points you do not automatically get enlisted for the Presidential Scholarship without applying for it. In fact any Scholarship or Grant program that clearly states that submission is a requirement will not pick up on you if you do not submit. Someone with 14 points who submitted may as well be shortlisted for the Scholarship.

Well, Mcpotar, do you think Kanye and Hov’ register for VMA’s. Well we don’t know, the VMA’s have a criterion because after-all it’s based on what they already play on MTV and so forth. However ZHHA is not a sub-entity of ZiFM is it?  So nominees are not taken off the ZiFM playlist, in an attempt to accommodate those that do not make it to radio ZHHA they call out submissions for those who made beautiful music but ended on soundcloud.

When Gudo Guru – DKR won Video of the year at the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) this February it was because they submitted their material by NAMA guidelines. Proof that they did so is that there was even an argument later when they were nominated about someone they had forgotten to accredit in their submission. In other words Kuda Musasiwa acknowledges that submission of material at an award show is what inclines one for a nomination. So if people are submitting material for NAMA, they should also respect ZHHA enough to submit to it.

However did all nominees at ZHHA submit? (The Realistic View)

Okay my first points were idealistic, assuming that ZHHA nominees were only picked up from people who submitted.  However looking at that list again, I know a lot of people who did not submit a thing (including myself).

I do not think Outspoken submitted for awards either neither did Gigi Lamayne… I mean come un’. So since ZHHA did not adhere to it’s policy and guidelines of nominating only people who submitted for it… I guess it should have nominated Jnr Brown’s Maria for Best track and DKR’s Changamire video for Best Video.

In fact the video that won was made in August of 2014 (meaning it was not eligible for nomination). The DKR video was released in December 2014, which is within the range for consideration. I remember that well because Begotten Sun actually didn’t want to drop it in November, we had that discussion a week after I dropped Popota.

So it seems here now that they were already not following their own guideline. The guideline was selective to which individuals they liked perhaps… I have no idea.

Who should have won what?

The panel of judges chose it’s winners and they had their criterion. There’s always been much talk about who should have won this or who shouldn’t have won that. I personally even get people asking why I didn’t take an award in my category but I’ll say well if X, Y and Z are nominees it means any one of them is likely to be picked.

When you roll a dice it will land on any of the faces. A person being nominated inclines them for a potential win and everyone nominated in their mind thinks they deserve the win. So if Mr. Sabeta, Black Bird and whoever else was on that panel sat and said, “Yeah Mcpotar has 4600 followers, but Chronic has 130… so he’s doing more online. Yeah Mcpotar has 5 Episodes of an online TV Show called Zaangoma, did about 5 Seminars, uploaded one online… but we not rolling with him. Let’s rotate the award… 2013 it was AHHB, 2014 Mcpotar so this year we can’t repeat..” – In my mind it was like , “Tell me which online media platform I was crushed in? – Whatsapp groups?” – Well so be it.

The category where the winner was definite, was Best TV >> Prometheus. Only because he was the only one listed. So yep! If you’re nominated with other people just learn to accept that  they may actually win. Your mind is obviously biased to make you think only you deserve.

After-all their submission for did say the judges decision is final. Jnr Brown I feel where you coming from, you did numbers with Maria. I know this, @Atenno was pushing that thing to thousands of opt in followers and you even won the twitter poll. We could not scoop the physical award but we have the people. That’s like the real accolade to me so no sweat.

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