Read Poetry: Can Demons Repent by Mcpotar

Can Demons Repent by Mcpotar

If Angels could be corrupted can Demons repent?
I pose a question requesting I shall not relent,
Can his horns disappear when his conscience is clear,
What is faith, what is fear?
Is his conscience so seared,
With no horns or no beard,
No blood stains smeared,
No lies, no deception,
No malicious misdirection,
Can a demon become an Angel,
If an Angel could be corrupted,
Can the mind be reconstructed,
Re-instructed into structure?
Did demons regret Heavens departure,
When they sought some “greener pastures”,
Can he find his inner Pastor,
Or just remain imposter?
Doing his mission,
Plotting more disaster,
And worshipping his Master,
Can’t a Demon have his own moment in Damascus,
Like Saul reclaiming his soul,
Dedicating the sole of his feet,
To walking for a sole purpose.

Can demons repent?

Why I wrote this poem

As I was sitting I decided to just randomly question why Angels coupd be corrupted yet there is no place I have found demons being purified.

Humans can be corrupted according to Biblical teaching and still repent and be pure again.

The situation seems different for Angels that turned to demons. Is it because they committed unforgivable sins by defecting against God himself?

Biblically the unforgivable sin is to sin against the Holy Spirit.

What is your take on this?

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