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It was 5:30 AM and Cathy woke up to clean the house. She swept the kitchen, living room and took out the trash. Her sister would finish off the rest of the rooms.

Their mother had raised them to be hard working as African girls were expected to know basic household chores at an early age. Even the more independent corporate women knew how to polish the floor in such a way that it would show a blurry reflection of what was above it.

Yolanda and Cathy had lost both their parents during their High School years. However they had managed to secure their parents estate because their father had been wise enough to create a trust fund around the family properties and wealth that would ensure the completion of their education in the event of his departure.

Therefore the only torture they faced as orphans was emotional but as they came to terms with the loss and appreciated how their parents had been savvy about laws and protection of their children. This challenged the daughters to try and walk in the footsteps of their parents.

By 6:45 AM, Cathy smelt like a fresh bouquet in a cream Boucle Champagne suit. Her shoes and purse were a mixture of brown and maroon leather. Gold Cutex and a black weave that rested on her shoulder.

She painted her lips red and turned to her sister.

“How do I look?”

“You look gorgeous babe. You certainly will get the job. Let’s hope you’re not being interviewed by a woman.”

“Oh thank you Yolie,”

She smiled broadly.

“Then I have to go and meet your bam’nini.”

“Marshall?” She said rolling her eyes, “That one doesn’t matter,” she laughed.

“Bye sis’…”

Cathy walked like a cat in her stiletto heels to look for transport at the nearest bus stop.  She got into a private car, immediately took fifty-cents out of her purse then passed it to a fellow passenger who gave her a dollar.

“Two,” she said as she handed the dollar bill to the driver who threw it into one of his drawers as he accelerated.

He pressed a few buttons on his radio and started listening to a sermon which was in Shona, one of the native languages in Zimbabwe. It was as if God had chosen that car with her in mind. The message made her feel like prayer was what online shopping is today. Making an order and believing it will come while going about your business.

It was based on the Christian Bible, a portion from Mark 11 vs 24

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

Cathy had been born and raised in a Christian family but she had doubts about Christianity and all of religion. She only conformed because the thought of hell made it scary to denounce religion totally. However she would accept motivational sermons or good advice from the Bible to her experience and she agreed that life was spiritual.

In her opinion, prayer didn’t give definite answers and had too much uncertainty attached to it. On this day, she needed it. She needed to believe. A jobless 6 months after graduation was getting frustrating.

Of course she had freelance opportunities here and there but they didn’t pay much.

“Where are you going exactly my daughter? You look great, I have a son who’s a bachelor.”

“Job interview, at H-Metro and thank you sir.” She replied.

“Oh you’re the ones who expose our dirty secrets to the public.”

She laughed, “Yes, everything except our own of course.”

The driver decided to drop her at exactly where she was going and gave her his blessing together with a pamphlet that invited her to the Church where he fellowshipped.

“I know you may be part of a certain Church but feel free to join us one of these Sundays. You won’t regret it.”

She was the first one to arrive and she sat for the interview which she found easier than she had anticipated. She was told all interviewees would be informed of how well they did in no more than a week’s time.

She left the offices and immediately called her boyfriend to tell him she was done.

Marshall had been called earlier in the day by Simba to collect his song. He knew it was special because usually Simba took weeks to mix and master any project. There was something about this one that made him work through the “unholy” hours of the morning.

As soon as Marshall and Cathy met, the man could not wait to let his object of affection be the first outside the production team to hear it. She always got the songs first and if she felt something was off about them they would be redone.

Marshall had decided to call the song  “Holding On”. It was about how he’d never let anything tear them apart.


 “Even though I been jobless looking for a grind,

You been there for me, they say that love is blind,

I’mma get you that life, before we settle down,

Diamond ring on your hand, a Gucci wedding gown…”

So the verses went as Cathy couldn’t help but blush. The hook was by an R’n’B artiste called Jonathan. The combination of rhyming lyrics and soulful vocals made the song a potential hit.

Bae?” She said in a sweet voice.

“Are you ready for the good news?”

“Of course, that’s what I came for.”

“I’m pregnant…” she whispered.

The words echoed in Marshall’s head and he sat dumbfounded. After blinking a bit he smiled.

“Are you not excited?”

“No I am, it’s just that I wasn’t expecting this. I just wasn’t ready. Are you sure?”


“Wow.” He he said in a rather light voice.

Cathy wasn’t moved by his reaction but she continued with the conversation.

He noticed this and  apologized, “ Hun, I’m excited but I’m afraid that I’ll not be able to provide.”

“Awww, don’t worry sweety. We’ll make it together. Is that Simba’s jacket?” She said, to change the subject.

“Yeah, you know we share everything except you of course. I’d kill him.”

 “In the storm when it’s rough I’ll see through your needs,

You’ll certainly be the mum’ of my kids,”

The song played on in the background as the couple smiled.

After some time they each went their own directions.

Suddenly a van with no number plates parked beside the road and two thugs covered Marshall’s head in a sack before forcing him into the van.

They sped off.

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