Raw Review -3 Kings – Shingi MauMau Mr See & Munetsi – Hip hop Video

The 3 Kings – Mr See, Shingi, Munetsi video dropped this weekend and has been accumulating quite good views because these are heavy names. By Sunday evening it had around 184 views and if you ask me that a lot on First day on a Sunday in Zimbabwe. I usually take time to reach those on week days. The video is on the Angel Arts Youtube channel and has guest appearances from MMT and Stunner.

Munetsi Prime

After watching it twice I was able to capture the whole concept. I liked the concept behind it but not the execution. The video starts of with criminals that rob a place in the city from a safe. However one of the criminals gets caught by greed before they split the money and decides to keep the money to himself. He murders almost all the gang members but is killed by the last guy who seems to have been skeptical about him as shown earlier in the video, when he says “Where’d you get this guy?”

In between these clips the 3 Kings show their lyrical prowess with Mr See on the first verse throwing really hard bars on an old school beat by Xndr, with a thugged out face. Munetsi as usual delivers good wordplay and hyperboles that surprise you, while Stunner, MMT and a group of guys wearing Dead Man walking t-shirts bop in the background. Meanwhile the last gangsta alive in the storyline turns to church around the time Shingi starts spitting one of the most didactic verses I’ve heard in a while. I think that verse just sealed the track. He talks about repentance and giving cred to God. He talks about leaving a life of crime as the gangsta takes the money they stole to the church.

Now like I said, the concept I like. It’s very good on paper but I must criticize our pioneers here and say, the execution was not on point. I know Zimbabwe is not yet good at action scenes but it looked  more like when Harare tries to be Hollyhood type thing to me. Better than Go Chanaiwa go though.  The story however for any level headed man is dope it can be followed, it marries the lyrics. The actors are quite good, better than Small House Saga people but I think the street would be happy if they sounded more Harare ghetto and communicated in a local language, with subtitles pa screen. Also if they dropped the Chicago like bandanas off their mouths. It doesn’t depict the average Zim felon in my opinion.  Munetsi has some lines in Shona, meaning this already appeals to an audience that’s ready for a local feel.

On paper the story is well put with no glitches, but there’s an ingredient we need to make our action scenes look more real. Now I’m not saying this to be a hater. I mean 3 of the most brutal emcees are  in this video and I aint trying to get an asswhooping on the mic  lol. As a fan I want them to read these reviews without sugar coating so that they become better Kings. I also want the directors to work on those areas and in the next videos make it seem more natural. That will help Zim hip hop to move up further.

Criticism number 2, Stunner looked out of place, (this is my own opinion : don’t mind it) that video is not for him. Not hating for him, but it felt quite awkward to see him on that video for everytime he appeared. If Upmost had appeared on that part, that would be dope. Nah I just like to  hate on him.

However, all these flaws can be overshadowed because the 3 Kings themselves are on point in their craft but the video is nowhere near Ghetto Slogan in terms of how it made me feel. However I encourage more scripts like that to be made and executed despite criticism till we perfect that side of videos. See old Zim hip hop had worse mastering and mixing than new hip hop. It was recorded in bed rooms on Adobe Auditions.  Now we have good sound, it’s time to go through those learning arcs to make the best videos.

If you still have not seen the video here it is. www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVD72sGdVeI


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