Rap Topic Ideas 1: Modern Slavery

Welcome to my first edition of Rap Topic Ideas, this is a series where I suggest themes and hip-hop subject matters rappers can work on to create compelling and conscious music and even get over writers blocks. Today In particular I will zero in my focus on what I would like to call modern slavery.

I am challenging rappers to come up with a concept around my idea of modern slavery. My idea of modern slavery is summarized in the quoted text.

“A nine to 5 grind always feels like my sustainability on Earth is being leased to me, because frankly speaking, it may only take the ordinary man 3 months unpaid to fall on hard times. A year to be homeless if that earning ability is cut off completely.

This is why I say it’s like sustainability being leased to me. I have to keep getting a certain amount to maintain a certain lifestyle and thus, it seems like a rented lifestyle doesn’t it?

Think about it?

If you stopped earning today and no one loaned you anything, helped or anything… Where would you be.

And now… If you ended up homeless with nowhere to bath, no good nutrition and probably having sold your phone and possessions. No permanent address…

It would be even harder to ever get a job again. Job offers usually want your phone number (you sold it), a permanent address (you are homeless)… You need to be smart and smell fresh for the interview.

A stable mind which nutrition enhances. A stable mind requires absence of stress.

You work hard monthly to earn an amount which you can use to pay and sustain your lifestyle and that’s what it is. New slavery.”

Now that you have an idea of what I mean by the concept of new slavery, you can then research further or expand on it before summarizing everything in verse.

There are many plot structures you could use to come up with the the songs. I will suggest a few.

Story Telling

You could create a rap about a guy who is actually living in and experiencing this slavery. You may speak of him as yourself or as someone else. Have rising conflict in his story as the song proceeds but in the end bring a resolution, a lesson or some form of pay off.

Facts and Opinions

Without creating a story-line you could just rap the facts and opinions you have on the subject. In this case you do not create a character but you generally mention what people go through and likewise still have rising conflict and probably suggest some solutions towards end of song.

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