Rap Killers and Team Bho – Drop Under Age (@SchingyZW)

The controversial Team Bho is back on the scene in collaboration with Rap Killers. Their brand new offering is titled “Under-Age”, a hilarious announcement that they do not want to engage in their pleasure with under-age kids. The song is catchy and has a lot of humour at the same time.

The main idea is that messing with kids will get them in hot-soup with the police and they are not having any of that. They say they would rather be with cougars or housemaids than to be with anyone who is a minor. Repeatedly the hook echoes

“Hatiskuda Vana Vechikoro”

Of course they are right because, minors are the hardest to deal with. They have curfews and they are not responsible enought to be going to clubs and taking drinks they can’t handle.  A lot of young girls end up pregnant and fail to complete school if we look at this from a conscious perspective.

I know Schingy and his crew have had their fair share of minors and perhaps they are now done with the drama of dealing with those. After-all it easier to rap from experience than anything.

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under-age team bho

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