R. Peels x Noble Stylz Advice Rappers Not To Live A Lie

If any artiste has been putting nights on his pen game it should be R Peels. Last year (2015) he gave us his debut E.P  but he is back with a new offering titled Usazvifurire, which happens to have brilliant lyrics from both him and the King of Wordplay, Noble Stylz.

R Peels has been on the rise for a long time but his affiliation with Noble Stylz and Blacperl seems to catalyse the maturity of his content and lyrics. Hopefully as he grows he doesn’t grow big-headed and forget this.


The mastering and instrumentation by DJ Krimz beats is phenomenal, I believe there has been a large improvement since his collaborative venture with Snooks. Vocals are clear, and though I’m not an expert in the field of what’s a good mix and what’s not, from my fan perspective I am impressed.

The hook, dominantly by Noble Stylz, with call outs from R.Peels

“Hanzi zvichabhadara ndava ne radio play (shaa usazvifurire)/

Apa ndirikubhigwa nema Dee Jay (wangu usazvifurire)

Mabhebhi hobho akunditi bae,

Asi at the end of the day unei?”

The braggadocio lyrics seasoned with multi’s, metaphors and puns rebuke emerging artistes who are accused by the two rappers of living a lie. The song scoffs at how some artistes think they have earned celebrity status over a few downloads and spins. R Peels takes this opportunity to flaunt his academics, as he says he doesn’t need to talk materialism to be able to brag. He talks about how his Mwana Wa Pharoah brand is tailor made and different from people who just print t-shirts, comparing his hustle to Jay Z’s methodology.  He also compares his style to Upmost but commercially Nasty Tricks, also giving props to The Fixx.

Noble Style takes the 3rd verse where he warns his rival that he is far from done, and gives props to Blacperl who reigned last year. Blacperl is praised and reffered to as Dr. Amai (the first lady of Zimbabwe). Noble explains that calling her his girl does not mean at all that they are dating as well. While he’s at it with his switch up he also kicks a bar with a Mcpotar refference as a pun to my dental work. “Hapana mazino, moda dentist kuna Mcpotar fonerai”… really caught me unexpectedly but I love it. It’s my second refference in 2016. In this verse Noble basically gives facts about his influence, even suggesting that he has more influence than Hip-hop Radio Shows.

“Pane semende ndoisa ma tiles, ndochinja flow” – is the pun he closes off with. Excellent stuff.

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