R.Peels Where Did King Go (Prod. By Krimz Beatz) Review [@r_peels]

You’ve probably heard of a young artiste by the name R.Peels. The boy who gave you Nobody Got Time and the remix. He is back with a brand new sound and new level of execution under Ikonik Music Group. I promise you Krimz went above his regular comfort Zone. The song is titled “Where Did King Go” with additional vocals from Young Red and Marshal Muchenje.


The song is about royalty in many aspects. He talks about the immortalized King Pinn who paved a way for many emcees to be taken seriously. He also mentions the late Miz Chif who was the first Hip-hop artiste to use a live band in Southern Africa. However his message is not confined to Hip-hop but it questions where that royalty went. The hook is well done, it’s not the atypical Hip-hop rhythm you expect.

In his second verse he denies his underground status but also says he is not mainstream.

Saka ndichinyora ndichibvunza wo mubvunzo/ Handisi underground handiyimbire makonzo/

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[tweetthis]Saka ndichinyora ndichibvunza wo mubvunzo/ Handisi underground handiyimbire makonzo/[/tweetthis]

R Peels Where Did King Go
R Peels Wher Dids King Go

R.Peels mentions that in this era it’s pretty hard for people to understand his depth well because as we know in 2015 there’s more information but less knowledge. However he will keep pushing the truth and exposing the evils of the system and fake rappers. Peels also expresses how people started caring about King Pinn after his death yet they slept on him in his lifetime. The rapper claims if he could he would communicate with him and hear what he thinks about it. I like the way he uses the “I Salute You” phrase to recreate the message. 

In the last verse he says he is the reincarnation of this lost heroes and he will pick up on the mission as a worthy lieutenant. The song ends on an African soulful sound. The music is beautiful. If you are not downloading this one for the message, do it because it’s honey to the ears.

Download the song.


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