Quonfused Features Noble Stylz on Kusvika Rinyure (@NobleStylz)

It looks like Noble Stylz is going to reign for a long time and will not be dependant on platforms such as these. It will be solely dependant on his great ideas, innovation and ability to explore new ground. His feature on the new Qounfused song Kusvika Rinyure is appropriate for this time. Not only as a strategy but for the music.


Quonfused commands a huge ghetto following as a Zim Dancehall artiste and Zim Hip-hop can benefit from this feature. But well I can talk all day about why this is a good idea but let’s get to the song content.

Hip-hop and all urban music were blasted in early days for being too digital by the conservative in our midst. Over time people stopped debating about it but the mature population also closed their ears to Hip-hop because of this. Alongside this debate was also the African-ness of rap music in Zimbabwe. Major Playaz had banging videos with a few girls in Bikinis (way less than American videos), Navy Seal was talking about glocks and ki’s and our only hopes for consciousness talked about Malcolm X and Elijah Mohammed. Slice was doing remakes of gay boy bands. There was a huge gap created between Zimbabwean Hip-hop and RnB and the average listener and after some years Hip-hop gained acceptance disguised as urban grooves.

Now we have been fighting to identify it as Zim Hip-hop. Zim Dancehall successfully broke out and many say it’s because of it’s closeness to home.

What i can say about this love song Kusvika Rinyure is that the instrumentation is a fill up of the void created in the era when my Dad would complain about “computer music”. I can finally insert this CD in my fathers car and say, tasvika baba (We have arrived Dad). Noble likes to metaphorically talk about the progression in Hip-hop as a march and he has done much to strenghthen these baby steps.

His lyrics and delivery are undoubtedly dope, it would sound cliché to even mention. As I said in one review. I never talk about Nobles bars or delivery, they are on a default dope.

Okay, now the Chorus (not hook) is beautiful and engaging. In order for one to finally care what Noble is saying they must be moved by the chorus and that’s the cornerstone of a song if it ever intends have mass appeal. Big up to you Quonfused. I am so looking forward to the next project.


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