Punchline Kings Finally Drop That “Banger” Catalogue

Early in the year Ishy X and Foster gave us “Bhero” (read about it here), they also dropped hard freestyles in Zaangoma Episode 4, effortlessly. Well, Bhero was part of the Punchline Kings album which dropped this weekend and you already know it’s filled with bars that drop jaws.

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This year is the season for album releases. Rehab has given us Ghost by Mile, T1 wema1 and now Punchline Kings. It seems Xndr was working hard on low key. Trust me, this gem deserves a listen.  I liked it from the intro because it had some spoken word poetry, by a female voice…. and you all kow that…

  1. I like female vocals
  2. I like poetry
  3. I like girls

So yes, that was a good idea. Other notable singles are “BackYard” produced by BigMidget and Anonzi Xndr, which is a party song bout a party in their backyard. The narrative lyrical delivery is proof of their lyrical prowess and I like the hook because it’s  a simple rap. There are Shona “Punchlines” like “Da kumboMUSASA handisi kutaura muti”, which pretty much goes with the image and bar they have set up for themselves.

punchline kingsThe song Rufu Rwangu goes in retrospect to talk about the things they did as kids, and what they expect to be mentioned in their eulogies.  Attention , a song produced by Kush and Xndr, is about how they promise to become so busy that their attention will be scarce. I personally think this record wasn’t executed at it’s best. Then there’s Haurara, one of the tracks you should look out for for the switched up flow. It changes the mood and tempo of the album and is quite a relief from the “Attention”  track. Of course Bhero, comes through to make us feel the vibe we relate to.

The song Tonight which features the mellow vocals of Dizzy Don is a turn around and an unexpected twist. Uusualy the Punchline Kings do not come off as the lovey dovey type of guys. Definitely the song is about a one-night stand, Ishy X and Foster don’t seem to be talking commitment in this one.

The song Mhamha is a dedication to all motherly figures out there. Face it we all came from a mother somewhere and I respect the dudes for putting this one in their track list.

There is much much more heat in the rest of the album but I think my spoilers are enough to get you to download the album below.

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