How Prostitutes Lost Their Conscience

I used to live in the avenues a couple of years ago when I was in school and one of the things that shocked me is the number of prostitutes that are in business even in broad day light. Ladies of the night does not quite fit them. They would be sitting or standing at corners or outside lodges or rather brothels waiting for whore-mongers to hire them. These girls did this daily with no need to cover their faces from passersby, and in my mind I thought, “Where is their conscience.”Then it occurred to me, Poverty stole their conscience.

Se Poverty was this old guy who stayed in minds that had no guard to look over them. He would enter that mind and strangle infant ideas to death. He would force feed his victim’s pills of that contained a substance called inferiority complex B which would make them abort their dreams. Then after doing that he would connive with Excuses to give them a reason to choose a life of sin. Excuse would tell them to blame Poverty and his friend Abused As a Child, but poverty knew the blame was on the guard that slept when he entered their minds. Poverty knew that he had found the ideas that would call his enemy, wealth to the lives of these people. He destroyed them one by one.

The girls started sleeping with men for money but it was not on the street. That little amount helped with a little more sugar in the house and blurred them from the true worth God had really destined them to be, they also got addicted to sex but now they could get paid to do it. Society with her big eyes and judgmental mind saw this and began to whisper about them daily. They were angry at the rumours but the money was good. Very soon they got hardened and didn’t care. The doors to their minds became more wide open, as their legs…. then Poverty came. He came with a big whip and chased their conscience out that day and Society was shocked.

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