Promising New Talent To Watch Out For

We get tired of talking about the same old made names, so we have to take time to dig deep into the “streets”. Whilst on my “Operation Who’s New In Zim Hip-hop”, I stumbled on a young king by the name of Chukwi, who is both a rapper and beat maker. He created the beat to his new single Ma streets which is a four minute lyrical movie about the urban hustle.

His intro opens as he talks about watching out for the City Council authorities before leading into a creative narrated rap about how he plays with the pick pocketers, sinners, kombi touts and thugs of the city. This sets the tone and environment of the track, as he continues toad clarity to the scene, how he is unkempt with ear piercings and a gloomy picture of business in that environment. His money isn’t adding up, he is frustrated and has used marijuana as an escape from the reality. Indulgence in drugs seems to have taken him in this scene and though the streets have been this harsh he wants to stay in the street than be in the suburbs where there is peaceful sleep.

“…Hanzi ka life, ka life kechirombe/
Hatidi zve sabhabha(suburb) ka life keunyope/
Upenyu… ma drugs… ka life ke nya-ope/…” – An excerpt of the lyrics in verse one.

Chukwi is a great story teller and cans certainly continue to work on his craft to become even more exceptional like Savage or Karma. His unique selling proposition is the use of Shona in his lyrics which has much appeal to local audiences. There is a big debate about, if Shona cuts it but I will always rally behind anyone who spits in local languages because they maintain our culture by so doing. We may have lost most of our culture, dressing and adopted western tendencies but it cannot be our language too. HHP and Cassper Nyovest have done exceptionally well in South Africa whilst spitting their own language. I am not sure about the hook, I think Chukwi still need to sit down and spend the most time of a track creation on the hook.


This is because the “hook” should hook the listener, it’s the first thing a listener will memorize by head before they can ever spit your bars. Intro’s should be cut, short because in 2015 the best practices (according to a research) are to start spitting or singing within first 7 seconds of a song. In the 90’s long or spoken intro’s trended. I myself have used long intros too prior to this information so this a recommendation I am just passing to my brother to improve the quality of his next record because he is going to be a star if he sets the goal.

The mixing of this song was done by Anonzi Xndr though vocal scoring was done by Marques at Rehad Entertainment. Note however that Chukwi is an unsigned independent artiste who says he was inspired by this blog to create hip-hop with substance. We are honoured to be part of this foundation and would like to see this artiste grow up to brand himself like Sharky is beginning to do. I will never despise humble beginnings from a young gunner because I was raised up from nothing. If you ask me, I’d say he is on the right route and conveying his message in Shona whilst representing the masses will work to his best interests.
You can download the song by following (this link) to his datafilehost.



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