Prometheus – Facilitating Growth Of New Hip-hop Artistes

Since 2002, Prometheus has been actively pushing hip-hop in the mainstream. Firstly as himself and later creating a quicker route for other artistes that are coming up. Many in Zimbabwe know him for presenting a show called Zim Hip-hop report which has been applauded by many young independent artistes who compare it to other similar shows on radio or television that have been blasted for nepotism.

fromThis year Prometheus launched a new concept call Zim Rap Cities where artistes send him music via his whatsapp number and then he includes it in a short weekly podcast which is distributed via whatsapp. The Hip-hop guru too k advantage of the opportunity brought forward by the affordable social bundles being provided by econet which have now allowed virality of more local hip-hop versus the old model where one had to be on a computer to get it on soundcloud or reverbnation.

Seeing the support he received from places such as Chitungwiza, he has gone further to distribute young artistes music to various radio stations giving it more chance to be played as he is an influential brand.

Of course you will meet some people out there who do not think Prometheus has done much to represent them but then again, one person cannot do everything. Young artiste es need to appreciate the value being added to the Hip-hop game by people such as Outspoken, DJ Oskarr (read about him here), Marianne, Prometheus and Rizla among others that have taken the selfless move of going out to build.

To participate or receive the audio files just app “ZIM RAP CITIES” to +263772326178. To have YOUR track considered for these audio archives just app your clean track & cd artwork.

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