Probeatz Zimbabwes Human Radio To Perform At Changamire

What started out as just play for a young boy who used to tap desks and make sounds with his mouth has now taken him abroad to perform before thousands and stadiums and fed him. Probeatz (also Takudzwa Denzel Mashonganyika) is Zimbabwe’s own moving radio with amazing sounds for practically every club hit that matters. The beatboxer is amazing.

Probeatz Zimbabwean Best Beat Boxer

My first time seeing his performance was during an event by Simuka Comedy in early 2014 at the book café. I was not only amazed that he could beatbox, because a lot of people do try, I was amazed by the progressions he did and even singing over some of the beats at the same time. His friends can bid farewell to ever getting bored during a power-cut. With this natural radio system in his vocal cords the only electricity is food.

Watch his video Below


Beatboxing if you didn’t already know is one of the main elements of Hip-hop since Doug E-Fresh (the inventor of beatboxing) began. The art has been practiced in Zimbabwe by many including Quotable and Aero.5ol among others. Probeatz stands out with a flavor never seen before and this has attracted a lot of support for him from various sectors of entertainment. He has performed at Church Events, Poetry and Comedy Events, Jibilika Festival , HIFA and was recently in Germany performing in theatres and auditoriums. All from being able to beatbox.  He will be at The Changamire Hip-hop event on the 30th of May 2015. If you have not witnessed this guy do his thing it’s about time you get with the program.

He indeed has  been doing all these events and getting paper and groupies follow him around but it wasn’t always like this. Probeatz was first ridiculed and made fun of for his gift when he first presented it at a talent show in high school. This could have easily shifted his energy but he accepted thatnot all people were meant to understand this beautiful art and so he continued to give his best at his art and  when he matured in the game he realized he could make an earning whilst doing his hobby.

Great visionaries such as Plot Mhako  have invested much time into his talent and he is very grateful for their presence in his life. He also extends his gratitude to his parents, Barney Mpariwa and accredits God for all these connections and milestones. Probeatz is also grateful to his fan-base for supporting him and making his art a lot meaningful, without them some of these milestones would be unachievable. As a fan I am glad to know that the Human Beatbox actually cares about my support.

You can watch the video embedded at the top of the post for  a sample of what he can do. Make sure to catch him at Changamire Hip-hop Festival in Harare, Book Café Gardens on 30 May, 2015. Subscribe to thhis blog for more updates or follow @Mcpotar

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