POY & Tricky J Rock Crowd – While Beef Erupts Outside Changamire

Zim Hiphop was alive at the Book Cafe last night as two big events occupied the space. Mashoko Hosted by Magamba and Changamire Festival at the garden area.


Though there were fears of divided turn out. The crowd was amazing for both sides and a lot of stars could be seen supporting in the crowd. I happened to mostly be at Changamire where I was a host.

I got there early to see the rising heirs of Zim Hiphop. R3aper, Nash Da King, KripMac and Lincoln rock cyphers before the show to ProBeatz beatbox Rhythms.

Of course ProBeatz later took the stage to amaze us once again though R3aper did the opening and gave us a few gems. K Slick gave us great Shona Bars with hard delivery as well. People were very receptive to his set.

Another man that had the set on Fire is Tricky J with his Tambisa D*** hit. His set was later joined by Jackson De Zimboy and Tey Sean. Teqniq came through and ignited the crowd to applause with his quick delivery and hard lyrics. A mind blower.

POY as expected did great lighting transitions into his set and got the crowd wild with some top of the dome rhymes. Mark Vusani kept the set well co-ordinated for POY but the main sound and DJaying other than POY’s set was by Tey Sean and KripMac (Amvis). For me this was the most organized set.

Nash Da King, Huby Blakes, Meek Billz, Mc Trake, Ishy X & Foster,Savage and Xndr on different sets took to the mic to unleash their music. With Savage and Xndr doing an encore of Nuttin and Nash Da King killing his Supa Mandiwanzira flow. Baller too represented Dollar Sign by making us sing along to Boyz Remukute and a certain hook about frogs lol. Kidd Active never disappoints… I loved his performance too. Many other rising acts also kicked it.

But well whilst all this good was happening. Outside Book Cafe old beef was brewing between Mc Trake and Xndr’s camp. Some guys managed to stop these camps from reaping each other apart but there was some pandemonium for about 8 minutes. Tempers were heated and egos played a role with a mix of booze.

Later on I spotted Xndr kicking it with Noble Stylz (that’s usually unexpected) and the beef outside seemed to have cooled off. I didnt see Mc Trake and Mabawe Camp later that night. Hope Xndr and Noble Stylz are cool again.

Well that’s Zim Hiphop for you. Me and my host Sheila K Young had a great experience and Mimy the new hottest blogger was there as well though anemhosva , anoiziva. But achabhadhara hake ne drink.

Big up to the organizers lets keep pushing this.

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