#PotarLogue: Best Practices In Addressing Relationship Concerns

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Never take issues for granted. You should have instinct to tell when an issue you overlook as normal is high priority to your partner. That does a lot for both of you because you will in no way be-little it or take for granted the need to resolve it.

So you will ask me. How do you know it’s high priority?

Well you can’t know with 100% certainty, if you did, you would have solved it before they brought it up.

So firstly consider every issue raised as a concern by your partner as urgent & needing solutions, not excuses.

Another way you can tell if it’s high priority to them is by asking. Which should be tactical.

I mean… people can be offended that they expect you to be close but you don’t know where their heart is (even if they never told you). A safe approach is to look into those issues they talk for hours about, invest time or money in or update you about.

Reserve your excuses for the time after you have solved it. If they still will hold valid.

Continued defensiveness, finding excuses, failure to frame yourself in the other persons shoes (from both ends) obviously brings terrible outcomes.

In the comments, please highlight some of your high priority concerns as an individual & how you like them met.


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