Possibility Of Earthquake On Saturday : Jackson Warns

There may just be an Earthquake this weekend in Harare brace yourselves. I have just received news from a credible source.

Jackson has warned that 3 Giants will be performing at the Book Cafe Gardens during The Changamire Event.

Okay, okay don’t freak out okay. It’s an Earthquake but you want to experience it as Teqniq (Mutare), Poy (Bulawayo) and Briss Mbada bring down the building. If you think that’s already too much for the reitcher scale be reminded that ProBeatz will bring the Book Cafe to crumbs through his rhythms and beatboxes and nothing will be left.


While we bring the house down the Hiphop Empire is being built and Jackson is very optimistic. The Bulawayo based P.O.Y has already caused a few tremors with his short freestyle video where he flaunts his multisyllable flow from the top of the dome.

Teqniq is a lyric and delivery guru. I first heard him on Money Motivated and he also killed it on The Sign. The Mutare rapper now Ministers for Christ and we glad we will have him on the show. God bless.

Of course Briss Mbada will set this concrete jungle ablaze like a true “mbada”. Whilst you applaud and appreciate. The organizers however should’ve represented dance more but then again Plot Mhako does that better.

The show begins at 6pm, Entrance is $3. Book Cafe Gardens Harare.

Did I mention there is free WiFi?

You can tweet about the Earthquake from your phone…

That’s if you survive it.

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