Poetry – While I Was Bleeding By Rudo Kanukamwe

While I was bleeding is a short poem by Rudo Kanukamwe.


The scars aint gone

one more hit

my soul is torn.

For every punch

there was a shattering glass

that fell away with every strike.

I gave you my all

In return you kicked me

and slapped me.

I need a better life

without walking on egg shells.

But I can’t flee from you

I have no money to start

Just two cigarettes in my pocket

a skirt, a blouse

and ruby red slippers.


Through blood on tissues

I suffer in silence.

People stare in disbelief

as I whiten my explanation.

My children distant

my telling it all

For a moment I hold my breath

as for that moment, I am not sure.

He threatened to kill me

to chop of my big toe

his face was red with anger

while I was bleeding. . . . .


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Rudo Kanukamwe
Rudo Kanukamwe

Kanukamwe Rudorwashe is a Zimbabwean born and bred in Bulawayo. She is set to enhance her writing skills in a dynamic environment. This is her first poetry anthology and it gives a comprehensive basis on the norms that govern humanity and show that mankind around the world share a common ground in love, religion, politics and propaganda issues. She is not very old neither is she very young but she has lived a life and travelled so much that at her age and in her given circumstances she had been through it all. She had a near death experience to realize how precious life is and she believes her poetry anthology might change, let alone touch someone‘s life.

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