Poetry by Mcpotar – His Excuse For Loving Her

Because she’s pretty yet she’s humble,

Because she holds on when I stumble,

Because she looks into my eyes as I look in hers,

Picks up the phone to say she cares,

Defends me in public to give me support,

Surprises me sometimes and kisses for sport,

Her heart is a place, a peaceful resort,

Her lips are delicious, sweetened but hot.

My excuse is those eyes that entice,

Like cheese cuts to mice,

That character within beyond any price,

Those curvaceous thighs,

Make my blood pressure rise,

To see her anytime I’d really sacrifice,

Anytime I have to spare,

Just to tell her that I care.

Because she loves music and art,

Because she has a beautiful heart,

Because we had a very good start,

And we are not living worlds apart,

Because she’s walking in the path,

My footprints in the same dust,

We don’t quite have the same past,

But we have the same future for us.

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