Pmula x Ishy X & Xndr – Ma Standards (Zim Hip-hop Song Download)

If you live in my circle you’ve probably heard of Ma Standard’s by Pmula by now. Well if not, you had to find out sometime and I guess this is your awakening. Ma Standards is a new Zim Hip-hop song which features, Ishy X and Xndr. The basic concept is that they are setting the benchmark in the Zimbabwean Hip-hop industry.

Pmula Ma Standards


The first standard set by the intro is Pmula starting off in Ndebele in a song that has predominant Shona lyrics, thereby breaking tribal barriers which we know have been whispered as undertones. I was happy by this; the humour in the intro was also great as he led into a hilarious verse with “pun”-chlines.

You may chuckle to lines like:

“Handina beef kunge Colcom,” – Pmula

“Vanemhepo kunge aircon” – Pmula

Girls on bleaching creams will definitely catch feelings on the line, “Handibhige mabhebhiakapiswa nemafuta kunge T-Bone.” Pmula provocatively expresses his disgust for girls who use lightening creams which apparently end up burning their skin.

Now that the standard for humour is set Ishy X can only do what he does best, punchline like a king. The Bhero hit maker amongst many punch lines really went in with that, “Tokuteirai ropa sa Joyce,” line. Great hip-hop lines come from making punches at the edge of taboos. That’s a standard.

Of course I also lines such as, “K’pisa ma tyre kunge ma Zulu,” may sound a bit xenophobic but then again like I said, good punches build from taboos. I love the premise, if you look at it he is actually ridiculing xenophobia by ridiculing it. That’s what great art is, stepping out and being able to make fun of serious issues.

Xndr the ninja president of Rehab Entertainment of course brought in his record label executive swag. There is something about Xndr’s flaunting that sets him apart, he maintains his Facebook image of slightly provocative. He sets a standard for the young South Samorians and makes them believe, it can be done. You don’t have to come from money to live like money.

Some of his notable lines are:

“Eh bhoo unedzungu uri bharanz,” – I hope this is a subliminal directed at “Eh Bhoohit maker”

And his last line, “she lick me in private kunge bhonzo,” considering, chicks wouldn’t lick a bone in public and the word private has many meanings. This is actually a multiple entendre. This sets the humour tone back again from his flaunting raps.


The song fades out with more humour continued in much more strength, as PMula rants away in Ndebele. I had hoped to actually hear a Ndebele verse, perhaps they should do a remix with GT Flykidd, Cal_Vin and Kidd Active in the mix, what do you think?

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