Plot Mhako Challenges Dancehall To Improve Content : Promises New Blog

Plot Mhako is one of the most influential figures in Hip-hop, Dance and Zim Dancehall. His authority in the arts sector cannot be disputed as he has brought up many a platform such as Jibilika, which is a dancing platform. Mhako has also travelled abroad in places like USA to create art.

In a Facebook post the icon yesterday challenged Zim Dancehall artistes to switch from the monotonous theme about haters and address issues. Plot said this will give their careers a short lifespan as fans now need something new.

A message that connects with them in areas of their lives other than having songs about “haters” throughout the year.

” Who is hating on you? Who is trying to block you? Who are you competing with?

ZimDancehall artists should stop
being paranoid and singing cheap
rhetoric if they want to stay relevant. Put that energy on sound lyrics and good branding.

Today there are three Radio stations that have at least 18hours a week dedicated to your music genre. Thementality on the scene needs to change soon before the glory dies.

Producers give us quality not half-
baked sounding the same riddims.

Have some quality control.
# Blog Coming Soon!” – He said

In my opinion Dancehall has a high airplay rate as my brother Plot mentioned but perhaps the frustration of the bulk of those artistes is that one can really count the ones that do get airplay. So in as much as dancehall is succesful, popularity lies in a few and those few each have distinct sounds.

The bulk of unsuccesful Dancehall artistes are sometimes carbon-copies of the big guys. However after living in Karoi for a while I also realized dancehall artistes from small towns such as Karoi have an alternative sound.

One artiste I have particularly paid mind to is Jatton C. I have also come accross several Chinhoyi based acts with a different message. At the end of the day all these artistes face limitations attributed to location.  Perhaps the new Radio Stations across the country can save them.

Indeed quality control is a must. I hope Plot Mhako brings sanity to the Zim Dancehall scene.

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