Perfect Tehn Complete – Your Stuff “Is About Not To Matter” Warns B.Sun

Tehn Diamond has had one of the most anticipated albums of our time. For many years we have waited for his debut solo album “The Perfect Tehn” and perhaps the title set a bar so high he had to take time. Nothing is perfect in reality, but the name given to this project implies that the project will be spotless. So the man needed to take time.

This is especially because each edition of the #SOTG mixtape series solid enough to stand as full LP’s with songs like Be Amazing. When Tehn was with Few Kings, there was a split between fans who thought he should go back to basics and those who thought he was in the right lane. Some commentators even said Jnr Brown made Tehn matter and all sorts of spears were thrown in his direction.

Dissed by many rappers like Michael Kata  “Kata-Kata”, MMT and Team Bho, he never responded. Recently he was given a jibe by Marques on Who Got Next (Read about it here) and it was related to how “Windows 10 came out but we were still waiting for The Perfect Tehn”. Despite the fact that the rapper mentioning that has no more than 4 known singles, it was a clever pun that lit up the tweets and made it to the streets.

A local Hip-hop Blog PushZW, a few days ago also went in on Tehn Diamond’s delay and highlighted how he has been performing pretty much the same songs for the past 2 years. The article has since sparked a small debate at a certain corner of Facebook. If you have not read it you can read it via this link. The blog-post is titled “Why We Didn’t Blog Your Sh&#”. 

Well, I guess whilst all this was happening and we sat here speculating. Tehn Diamond and the producers of The Perfect Tehn were perfecting the product because Begotten Sun (Kuda Musasiwa) posted a picture on Social Media today which said.

“The face u give when listening to the finished #‎ThePerfectTehn‬. Put out ur stuff quick quick. It’s about to not matter.” – This was posted on Instagram but made it to my Facebook feed. Both Begotten Sun and Tehn Diamond were mean-mugging on the selfie probably taken in the studio. There have been many other instagram pics during the creation process.


As you have read in the post, Mr. Musasiwa has warned that anyone with a project should quickly release it before it’s relevance is obliterated by The Perfect Tehn. Syncity and Changamire which he has had direct involvement with were both stellar quality products that took awards and got international coverage. So I guess these may not be empty words but we await The Perfect Tehn.

Will Tehn finally get back at everyone who has been throwing stones?
Will he get back to the “Be Amazing” level or it’s a fusion of “Happy” and “Be Amazing”

Does Jnr Brown feature in The Perfect Tehn?

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