Park Bench Strangers ( Short Story By Miss Mona & Mcpotar)

Rested on a bench, Maria smiled into her smart-phone as if it were a mirror. A smile adorned her face, a frown for split seconds as she responded to a particular message. It was a message to her husband, Jasper.

“It’s okay, I’ll just have to use public transport. Take care.”

After a few exchanges of lovey-dovey emoji’s of reassurance she smiled again, as she stood up to go to the bus terminus. Jasper had said he’d be unable to pick her up as he had unfinished business at work.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a youthful female voice muttered from behind her. It was a slender girl about her height.

“Hie,” Maria replied.

“Sorry to bother may I use your handset to call somebody?” she asked, “My phone is out of power, and I am supposed to meet the person in 15 minutes.”

All this while, Maria’s eyes like a CIA profiling computer had been scanning this girl head to toe and cold reading her body language for signs of deception. In Harare, standing with a stranger for 30 seconds, especially one asking for help wasn’t usually recommended, but for some reason on this day, Maria decided to hand her the phone.

The girl scratched her own card and dialed quickly, she held the handset to her ear and made a call.

She seemed to be talking to a male.

“Hey babes I’ve just come from Mutare, my phone switched off but you can come and pick me where you picked me up last time.”

She seemed to agree with this man and she was done. She returned the phone, “Thank you so much. She pulled out $5 from her purse in gratitude.

Maria smiled till she looked at her phone and yelled, “Wait!”

The young girl glanced in jolt.

“This is the direct landline to my husband’s office.”

A frown faced Maria, looked at a bewildered young girl who’s face too was clearly looking for answers.

“I don’t know ma’am, maybe I was talking to someone else in the same company who is not your husband.”

“It better not be Jasper…” Maria cautioned.

“Oh no! He’s name is actually Jasper,” the lady said,”I’m so sorry I didn’t know.”

Maria would have slapped this young lady across the face but she decided to listen to her side of the story. After looking at a few pictures they were both dead sure it was indeed the same Jasper and well Maria got to know that the girls name was Mary.

It seemed Jasper could always get away with sleep talking about any of them.

The ladies did not exactly become friends but they decided that since Jasper was on his way to collect Mary they would give him an unexpected surprise.

Jasper turned the corner of Samora into Park Street, he was excited it had been a while since he had seen his petite little play thing Mary .His phone chimed signalling a message from his Wife. A stab of guilt tore through his chest but he ignored it and the message instead he focuses on sweet little Mary and her supple body.

He reached his Girl bench and saw Mary seated, he parked his Car and waited for her to jump in

“Hey babe , shaa my friend wants a lift to  4th Street her Man dumped her last minute”

Irritated Jasper  Unlocked the back door and grunted ,”She can jump in.”

Didn’t even bother to check who got in until both  girls had sat down .When he did look via the view mirror he lost control of all limbs .

He couldn’t believe it , both his Mary’s were in his car and neither was saying a thing.

He finally started his car and headed towards 4th rank …excuses and theories running through his mind.


Thank you for reading through this story. This story was a combined effort from Miss Mona 263 and Mcpotar. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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