P Mula – Zino Refake Produced By Victor Enlisted [Zimhiphop Mp3]

Norton ambassador to Zim Hip-hop P Mula drops lines in this offering. Zino Refake, which is obviously addressing fake friends. The metaphoric phrase “Zino Irema” is used in Shona to talk about fake smiles and fake friends. Victor Enlisted is the producer on this one and since no one else is inthe credits am assuming P Mula’s voice was autotuned to make the hook.

I love the  hook.

The message is also something relatable. Daily we get acquaintances who want to spy but we mistake them as our friends. P Mula here is not only addressing a problem of the rap game but fake friends come to all, politicians, women in a burial society, girls, boys and so forth. The only difference is as an artiste he models the message to his paradigm with of course some big shout outs to Dodger and Spekktrumn who also happen to blog. Spencer Madziya also gets shout outs and well, Spencer in his interview last year revealed that he came up from Northon. (You can read it here)

P Mula goes on to tell his enemies that they may actually bring him good results whilst trying to sabotage him. For example he talks about them thinking they are sabotaging his projects whilst they are indirectly marketing him.

Another thing he says about this issue is that he wants nothing to do with fake friends and would rather have no friends at all than that.

Well download it yourself and p;ass your judgement. Personally I think it deserves a listen.


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