Outspoken May Bring Back Dialektric Blue

It is no secret that I have always had respect for Tongai Makawa a.k.a Outspoken the Humble Neophyte. He has put so much energy into making relevant Hiphop stand out together with many emcees and Magamba Network.

Back in the day he was part of the duo “Dialektric Blue” where he kicked it with Upmost. Now Upmost (Ngonidzashe Tapiwa) is one of the wittiest lyricists we have in conscious rap in Zimbabwe. He has been quiet for a while and I personally have been dying to hear a single from him. The two can also create comedy on stage with a live band and it makes their whole performances incredible.

Today Outspoken wrote a Facebook post that seems to suggest the possibility of a project with his longtime colleague Upmost.


…See the thing is that most of the
time the state of Hip-hop depresses
me. I applaud all you emcees for
churning out hits that only serve to
top charts and help with the
escapism from our messed up reality
(if indeed it is messed up to you)
but I feel that there should be a
greater purpose in the message you
convey. I been doing this for a
minute, before the internet
explosion…its been a long journey
that i have shared personally with a
few of y’all… If you read past the
first line then i commend your
attention span! I am lucky to have
seen and heard the many sounds
and faces of Hip-hop and poetry all
around the world and shared stages
with many dope individuals posed
on a higher purpose for this music. I
have been making beats…A few
beats and plan on working with
emcees… a few emcees… and its
only right that I start with my
brother. Ngonidzashe Enos Tapiwa
MyBruthazKeepa Upmost
Rhymes4Dayz… I feel we have to
start working on that long forgotten
Dialectrik Blue music. I am not
bitter or angry or a hater… I am
merely disappointed at how talented
cats who craft words together so well
can often times use them so
recklessly…. thats all. I guess we
need to be that counter balance and
share our narrative too! Keep
building! – Outspoken

I am certainly looking forward to

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