Open Apology To Women I’ve Treated Inappropriately #16DaysOfActivism

Being a man raised in a patriarchal society I grew up with a certain mindset which I am still detoxing. I haven’t been the best man when it comes to treating ladies appropriately, minus the poetry I have been what they call a deusche and I’m not so proud of it. It has cost me many women I loved simply because women do not stand for that rubbish even if you’re Justin Beiber.

Don’t get it twisted I’ve never done an act of violence on any women, but I have given nasty remarks, called them verbally abusive names and kept opinions that do not make the gender situation any better. I have taken them for granted forgetting that every woman is a jewel to the earth. She is a sister, mother and some have been fathers at the same time.  I am guilty of using the ratchet word, the B word and so forth…. There is certainly no excuse for calling women all those derogatory terms. Women deserve respect as much as men.

Women in society are condemned for the same things a man would be praised for. In modern day we’ve come to learn we are all equal but the system already created a situation where women are made to feel inferior. I however would like to share my public apology on the women I have disrespected. On the women I treated unfairly. There are women whose men I also influenced to treat women badly. I apologize for that too.

Never will I take any girls heart for granted again, lead her on or verbally abuse her. I am naturally not a violent person but being a poet and a man of creative words my insults have been also infuriating and creative. They have scorched women much more than a coal in the eye. My only way forward is to take the right course from now on and act accordingly.

I love my Mother and my sisters, friends cousins and every woman out there who taught me to dream. There are women in my life that have given me ideas to build and contacts that will help me for years to come. May God  bless those women with the desires of their hearts.

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