One Of My Top 5 Female Songbirds Impresses Again

My earlobes recently got massaged by the mellow tunes of Sisiyanti, a female pop artist from Zimbabwe but based in South Africa. My earlobes are therefore considering moving in with the songbird, but I won’t allow it. How will I hear? – Besides, she can come and stay in my ears instead.

The song in question is titled “All About My Gwop”, Sisiyanti may not be able to come and stay with my earlobes but after you get this one. Her name will occupy the tip of your tongue every time the word exceptional is mentioned.

Practice it, “Si-si-yanti”… or just, “Yanti”. I’d say she is in my Top 5, Zim female vocalists, I don’t care who’s debating.

In her message she mentions how she prioritizes empowering herself. It’s all about her “gwop” she says. In case you’re slow, “gwop” is a colloquial term for the mighty dollar!

She emphasizes that she is focusing on growth, development, works hard so as to fulfil the royalty she identifies her brand with. The artwork to the song shows and Egyptian Nubian queen who probably runs things.

Sisiyanti Top 5 Female Artistes

At the end of last year, Sisiyanti gave us her debut mixtape titled No Pressure. It was good enough to be considered an album. She had work on it from various producers, especially those from The Mix Masters.

Her style is rare in the continent and I believe she holds what it takes to kick it with the finest. Follow me on twitter @Mcpotar for updates on the go.


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