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It’s great to listen to the sound of Rihanna, Beyonce, Chrissette Michelle or any celebrated American female pop sensation but Zimbabwe doesn’t need to search that far anymore and the world needs to start searching for the name YoCa or in some circles known as Yolanda Candice. Yolanda Candice is a rising female pop artiste who will amaze you within the first listen. You have never heard of her? Well music does not begin and end on MTV and at her rate she will be on it soon.  This soundcloud link to her music will testify to what I’m talking about (Click here, it will open in new tab).

“Everyone is a vessel and I believe God chose me to be a vessel for music and to serve using my voice,” She said in a one on one after recently being nominated for 2 Yolzcategories at the ZIMA awards. Her nominations were under Best New Comer and Best Alternative music and the awards are scheduled for the 4th of October. This vessel has been recognized at a national level. Apart from the nomination, Candice is also on This Is Africa 2014, a compilation of meticulously picked out artistes by Jungle South record label (based in the United Kingdom). Her songs also happen to have a large number of plays on soundcloud with no aggressive marketing involved. In other words she doesn’t spam her way to those good ratings.

“Everyone is a vessel and I believe God chose me to be a vessel for music and to serve using my voice.”

She speaks much about serving a certain purpose with her music. Even amidst doubt by many nay sayers that had never had the chance to hear of her name till she appeared on the awards nominations list. When one is serving their purpose I guess, even when they don’t get as much radio coverage as what people usually know, God presents their work to those who give rewards for it.

I tell you when she starts fulfilling that purpose even termites may stop building to take a listen. It will re energize them for work. There are many reasons to believe so, especially after giving her work a listen. Show Stopper is definitely one song that will allow that to happen. Maybe I seem to be using hyperboles here but they are well deserved and are close to truth. Feel free to comment and say, “I personally don’t feel the same,” but only in honesty after taking a listen.

For me, hearing that kind of voice and discovering her type of mentality later really inclined her to a feature post. She believes her expression is fulfilling a purpose to the world one way or another and everyone has their own way of doing that. Her calling was to use her voice. Though she says  that sometimes she has has a time struggle putting everything together, she has gotten family support and also her manager Chris Chacha has been there to make the journey lighter. Above all she believes in commitment and sacrifice in order to fulfill this purpose. She is also doing performances seriously and is beginning to feature in many highly very credible shows including Zimbabwe German Society’s Acoustic Night.

Those who know her well will tell you that her beautiful sound is attributed to hours of perfecting her craft and she definitely is not the type to release half baked material, making her enjoyable to write about. Think about it, how do you think Mcpotar feels whenever he has to write about music he didn’t actually enjoy. I mean having to panel beat criticism so it comes of friendly. Yolanda just makes this job easier for me. Her music gets in touch with the reality of the listener emotionally maybe because she sings from the heart.

I first heard her music in early March 2014 and was amazed she was from around here. Not that I give credit to foreign music over local sound but I had never heard that sound before in Zimbabwe, with a few exceptions of course that have also done this in an outstanding manner. It is export quality and it was then that I decided to follow the artiste to continue hearing more and more of her music.

Locally she gives credit to other female artistes who are on the same journey and has done quite some collaborative work with a number of people in Zimbabwean Hip-hop and RnB. She pays attention to Davina Green, the late Chiwoniso, Ammara Brown and many other Zimbabwean music artistes who have been representing women.

Besides her music she recently completed a degree in marketing which I hope will help her establish her brand as far as reach. Please connect with her music by clicking through this link (it will open in a different tab).

You can stream the Yolanda Candice songs I play-listed via my soundcloud below

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