Of Zim Hip-hop Rants Towards Awards

Over the years having observed the scene for a while I’ve noticed one thing, “Zim Hip-hop Awards nominations will always be disputed by people who failed to get on the list.” This is a no-brainer, the people who expected to be there most and are not there will cry foul and discredit the list. Then people on the list who fail to scoop anything on the night join the rest to say, ” I knew it…”

Well there are quite a number of people I expected to see on that list myself such as Gze and Sp3kktrumn but I’m basically cool with the list. Then there are some characters whom I don’t think actually had tracks out this year and well they made it to that list. Perhaps they submitted, perhaps they did not. Perhaps me not knowing what they did, does not mean that they didn’t do anything, especially in the under-ground category.

The Misinformation

Is Gigi Lamayne Zimbabwean? – Absolutely she is and has confessed that to me before and in a Bars263 interview with Mariann Reeds last year.

“I am Zimbabwean by origins. I just feel I should represent Zimbabweans the hardest. South Africa is where I was born but Zimbabwe was responsible for moulding my musical perceptions.”– https://bars263.wordpress.com/tag/gigi-la-mayne/

Well rant-warriors are saying she isn’t, but them saying she isn’t doesn’t make their word true.

Is Xndr part of the awards committee? – No he stepped down in 2013 but people who are not in touch with the culture always say he is.

Is Zim Hip-hop Ever Happy For Nominated Individuals?

I think Zim Hip-hop should embrace a culture of congratulating others instead of complaining every time someone who is not in their stable doesn’t make it. It seems in the year that certain stables have nominated artistes, they are quiet about it but in the year non of their folk make the list it automatically becomes unfair. This is much like saying, “Zim Hip-hop Awards list is fair if my homeboys are listed”.

However this mindset is flawed in dangerous because every self respecting individual in Hip-hop at some level thinks they are the best at their craft and people immerse themselves in self glorification from themselves and their peers yet Zimbabwe or other thinkers may disagree.

Maybe this is happening because Zim Hip-hop fans are Zim Hip-hop artistes.

Then there are those who think they should have been nominated without submitting. Wait a minute…?

You want to be part of a contest without adhering to it’s rules. I’m sure even students with straight A’s are not awarded scholarships they didn’t apply for. The runners of any given platform set their rules and decide who to include.

Christianity for example gives certain conditions for one to enter heaven. According to Christianity if one has not accepted Jesus Christ for example, as their personal LORD and saviour then they may not be found in the Kingdom of God. One cannot then rant why they have not entered Heaven if they skipped that one requirement can they. (This example doesn’t really matter what your religious affiliation is)

…And Then

Finally, I don’t think the validation of anyone’s craft should be centred on only the award show though they do matter. If they didn’t people wouldn’t be crying and making tantrums over them. I can however tell you that some people are winning with or without nominations. Tehn is still Tehn doing his shows, Savage is still winning in Germany and life goes on whether one wins or loses. Nas is still royal in Hip-hop than many who have had BET Awards and so forth and quite frankly with or without a nomination I’d still be a dope writer right? lol

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