Of Friends That Lie

Have you ever been lied to so much that you begin to feel embarrassed on behalf of the person telling the lie? The liar forces your body language to lie… because your body language will be trying to react to what’s going on, but guess what, you force that smile and begin to feel un-easy.  Your body really wants you to shake your head… but well did I mention the person telling the lie is your friend.

Probably in Primary this person told you about their astronaut dad, who would be a Doctor next week and perhaps about the car they were supposed to import from France (which they were denied permission to use in Zimbabwe because of its price). You either have a friend that lies that much or you’re them.

This goes back to my opinion on society being kept alive by a n approval system (see The Plastic Republic). People are looking for your approval,some people have low self esteem and would like to feel relevant to you by making you believe what they wish they had. The disease they have is so awful that they even try to belittle you by what they don’t have and when you tell them of your own success they take it a s a challenge.

Yes I am still talking about your friends.i am not talking about your enemies or exes or whatever. You must note that friends are quicker to jealousy than enemies. See most people became your friend because you had like interests, behaviors and opinions. These rapport builders are subject to change depending on new things you may have been introduced to. Suddenly if another friend is successful…he is successful because he probably now has a different mindset. The old friend becomes unfamiliar and conversation fades away.

meaning, in this approval system to gain the same approval that made you click in the first place they may have to lie :). What they may not realize is they may lie based on overrated perceptions of what you’re really doing.  remember you too being a victim/member of this approval system (perhaps) could also be leaving out your failures or shortfalls when you discuss.

More like how guys like talking about the girls they scored with rather than those that jilted them. A players stories are biased. If their haters knew the defeats they never speak of, they probably wouldn’t be haters or would probably work at being better in the game knowing defeat is okay.

When lying extends you start living a $2000,00/month life when you earn $500,00 leading to a lot of debt, stress and even stealing from work to keep up that life…the stress and the guilt leading you to drugs…you’ll be finished before they arrest you.

How do we go around this problem. We love our friends? let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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