Of Backsliding Born Again Christians

Once upon a time, I was a 16 year old at Dadaya High School with nothing but good intent, listening to my favourite Jay Z and Eminem singles after study with Navy Seal and my other friends.  We cherished these moments because cellphones and mp3 players were not that out there and in fact, a few priviledged kids with diasporian relatives smuggled little cd players into school.


Listening to music with the boys was special at boarding. Friday afternoons, chilling and talking about how much money they had and the cribs they built. We saw this on holidays via MTV Cribs of course.


“Wow, I want to be just like them!!!” I said.


One of the senior students, who was now in lower six, one of the big hip-hop heads I knew, walked in with a Bible and said, “They got it from the devil.”


Yes before the internet was huge in Zimbabwe, the conspiracy theories around Hip-hop and the occult were already in circulation. I am sure by then Craig Lewis must have had his first DVD out. Ex Ministires, the truth about Hip-hop and people felt awakened. It made a lot of sense.


So this ex-Hip-hop head, he told us all about it and we were shocked about our stars, literally burnt our Eminem collections and so forth. Well I run a hip-hop blog today so you know how long that lasted.


Yes we tried much to quit Hip-hop then later we said, maybe we should do it for God but we still lived those double lives. The glory – we wanted it. The motivation from the preaching’s faded away. I never was a Gospel artiste but I considered it.


However I saw many “Christian” Hip-hop artiste backslide slowly. It started with their content getting more and more secular and then they couldn’t lie about it anymore. They went back to their true selves.


I think this is why?


Confining oneself to “spiritual” talk is the gateway to faking


While some would say everything in existence is spiritual, it can become really unrealistic and boring to talk about every situation you meet in terms of the Bible. Even Christians in business know this. There are areas where one needs not be too religious about everything.


A soccer match,  having pure unsinful fun or hanging out with fam. A newly born again Christian is obviously always over-excited to share the good news with everyone. However the same inclinations that brought temptation while they were “sinful” will still exist.


If the guy always thought Bev was hot before being born again, since his flesh is still the same he will still be inclined to that. The more he tries to act as if he is resistant to other people the more he falls.


Eventually one day when no human is looking he will go and watch a Bev, show and feel guilty afterwards, because even though they don’t know. He knows.


And since he knows that God knows too, overtime he may continue to err once in a while till he decides, “I don’t have to pretend to these people, this is who I am.”




See the motivation that makes people repent only lasts for 15 minutes. It is euphoric, it makes that new guy at your church come excitedly and do a lot more than all the members of the church. So much the elders will be pleased.


Soon, he starts missing prayer meetings and next he no longer comes to church. You bump into the guy holding a Russian beer with a couple of honeys and you cry foul, yet you created an unrealistic environment in the first place.


Which unrealistic environment?

We as Christians do not listen to disappear… (lies)

Fungisai is not allowed to do a track with Killa T (lies)

Hollywood is bad … (so why do you subscribe DSTV?)


Setting rules you do not comply with. Deciding that normal human inclinations such as acknowledging that Winky D is an awesome artiste is to do with demons puts you in a cage.

You imprison yourselves with lies.


Final thoughts


Turning to Christianity is  along journey that has to come from conviction. It should not be sped and we should not put new Christians under pressure to be fake in our presence because even we are not perfect.


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