Of Artistes That Are More Celebrity Than Others – Zim Hip-hop

Beyond reasonable doubt we have established that the main people that support and share Zim hip-hop currently are mostly the artistes themselves. Mostly these artistes have done so to support fellow artistes as we build fanbases.

However some artistes tend to feel more “Hollywood” than other artistes and will never play a mutual role in promoting other artistes. I do not mean to say that they should track everybody who has shared their links to thank them or share their work in turn. I am talking about artistes whom you never see share any work other than theirs and that of their stable. They only care about their circle, but tirelessly ask for support in forms of votes on radio and likes on Facebook. Their spins on radio are probably the reason they may not regard artistes who are not on radio as fellow artistes. To them, they are probably just fans with a passion.

In the old times it was even almost impossible to obtain their numbers but with the introduction of whatsapp as a new avenue to share music, they suddenly feel free to give away their numbers and place you in groups and broadcasts where they can inflict you with their propaganda. Again, it is a one way thing in the exchange of those numbers. You will download their songs and they will ignore yours. It is all about their benefit. There are no symbiotic relations what soever.

Think about it, when was the last time you saw ________ sharing anyone elses post? I mean anyone who is not linked to them via ______ which they are under.

Note that I am not saying one individual should support everybody. I am saying, be seen at least sharing stuff from outside of your team. I swear there are artistes who will never do that. If you are tagged on a Facebook picture by them you already know it has nothing to do with anything that benefits you. So why help them?

If you are an artiste and are not on radio and get no support from these people then why do you continue to extend their reach. They already have reach from larger media companies. How come you ignore your fellow brother who is in the same situation you are and choose to extend reach of someone who doesn’t care about you. Think of this from an artiste perspective. If you are thinking of this  from otherwise, they are probably right to treat you the way they do. You are nothing but a fan. They see you. You make beats, raps and graphics but they never see you as that.

They see a human resource that can push their music further. Free labour to inflict the internet with their propaganda, yet you can be much more.

If any big artiste is to read this and feel offended, then they are on the right web-page and I urge them to start engaging with their audience and stop blasting unbearable broadcast messages, without engagement, whether it’s to pure fans or fellow artistes.

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