Noble Stylz Sends His Message To Mcpotar Blog As It Turns 3

This blog turned 3 years old today. It has promoted a lot of artistes since 2013 and in the year that it emerged a great and mighty rapper known as Noble Stylz too emerged in that era.

The intellectual rapper had these words to say.

“1 for the Vision,2 For the Execution,3 for Legacy..that’s it.Just downed 3 tequila shots to McPotar’s Blog 3rd web-day. I didn’t get off to a good start with this McPotar blog girl,simply because she has the same guts I have.I put my soul to protect my own but chin-up,fists-clinched she protects and fights everyone.

Most rappers had a “flirt” with her,most blew up and some got pissed because she always leaves you for the next guy There is a general unsaid pact in ZIMHIPHOP dating club that this girl is the queen bee of hip hop bloggers between Zambezi & Limpopo,so we secretly wanna date her but fear her opinion of us might lead to bad blood. She keeps growing like any 3year old girl she into Cartoons too,she learnt the language,found her voice now its time she takes it further hopefully she will be here for a bit longer…still wanna tap that..Ms McPotar blog…Much love”

Thank you so much Noble Stylz for sharing the vision with Mcpotar.Com I like the feminine personification of the blog because it turns the blog to a mother who gave birth to ideas in a barren industry. Coincidentially this years birthday was on mothers day.

Please keep supporting us.


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