Noble Stylz – Papa A Controversial Track

The King of vernac rap is at it again with his new offering called “Papa” which some may regard as intelligent satire against religous leaders who want their congregation to fear them and call them Papa. However in this song Noble Stylz role plays a Papa in a club set up, which of course most Pastors would actually be against.

Noble Stylz Papa The humour however is generated by this paradox and on release the streets reacted in many different ways. There were those that like myself found the humour in that but some castigated Noble as being religiously insensitive with some warning that Magaya and Makandiwa’s huge following could make or break any artiste.

On the other hand some argued that controversy would in fact push the song into mainstream discussion. The Masvingo born rapper seemed to have this calculated and he was not worried.

“Well most of them are cool with it they understand the art and the social commentary on the track and those who don’t are still too scared to say it loud..they will wait for my misfortune and pin it on a song haha calling it a curse, ” he laughed in relation to fan reactions.

He went on describe the concept briefly.

“I chose the concept because its a social issues a PAPA is a person who sell hope to the hopeless and make money out of it…..the hopeless are most gullible..gullible people I just talked abt it bt artistically from a Club Set up that’s why I put a line like “Pane foni ikurira NDEYA PAPA MUNHU WESE NGATI ZII” that’s how much power a Papa has…”

The song was produced by Casper Beatz the guy who gave you Joseph Chinotimba (read about here).

Well you can download here for free and tell me what you think. My twitter handle is @Mcpotar

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