Noble Stylz (@NobleStlylz) – Does Another Killer Move

The Masofa Panze movement is certainly expanding each day and it’s been a journey. We saw this happen from small beginnings. I actually believe I caught the action in 2nd half and the odds were stacked up agains Prince Noble Butawo at first but now it’s odd not to find him in the average Zim Hip-hop playlist.  On the other hand he has aligned himself with number one brands such as Krimz, Mr. Noxa, Jay Mashaire and Trae Yung among others giving a lot of young artistes a template to look at.

The airplay issue has never been a light issue and this was one one the issues he decided to attack on making his way into the mainstream. He said something that was being wisphered in small groups in Zimhiphop but was not being said out loud. This is why he got the attention of many. I personally like leaders that speak out. Today he has a beautifully crafted video and you can tell there was a lot of teamwork and good planning.

There are those of course who still dismiss the rapper as “urban-grooves” and so forth. You know, those people that are lost in a time when people thought hip-hop had something to do with use of English Language. They can suit themselves too, I mean he is still doing better than most of them if you ask me. Noble Stylz is like a wake up call to those in Hip-hop that are not answering the concerns of the average Zimbabwean person. Many once again feel Noble Stylz doesn’t have the accent they want or maybe his status updates are too egotistical and such and such. I mean there will always be someone out there who does not agree with Mcpotar’s opinion. Mcpotar is not God but I do try as much to give evidence of anything I say.

Check Out Ma Born Free Here


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