Nib Crouch New Kid On The Block Drops New Hip-hop Single “Zvinondibata” (@NibCrouch)

Nib Crouch, a new kid on the block as far as hip-hop in Zimbabwe is concerned has dropped his first single to the album Middle Eastern. The song titled “Zvinondibata”, a party song for “bhawa-rangers” (i.e regular revellers at night-clubs), was produced and written by the Glenview based artiste & created to influence the Harare party life. The song features Nargee.

In Zim popular culture the name Zvinondibata may be derived from “kubatwa” – (to get high). Religiously, it can also mean to be “possessed beyond control”, taken from the verse of the epileptic boy in the Bible whom Jesus healed. Either way, these are both altered state where one is under some sort of influence to do what they do good or bad. So the concept here is when the urge to party kicks in Nib Crouch and his fam get to the club and pop drinks.

Nib Crouch talks about how he and his family manage to dominate the party life and I guess we need this music  because lately DJ’s at night spots have not been promoting enough Zim music. They claim there is non worthy for a spin.

Nib Crouch is set to realease his debut album under 3nican entertainment on a date yet to be announced. The tape is complete however and I have had the honour to bump to all the tracks, it’s just preparation in place and then we shut it down.

Do you think this the type of party song you want to hear at your party. “Zvinondibata”

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