New Kid On The Block : Mc ChoCho Drops Video (@McChoCho)

A rising young prince, Mc ChoCho comes in with his debut offering Pepepe Dhu which was produced by Syban Pro.

A good effort, he has so much potential lyrically. The video itself is rather poor and needs more investment. I understand that these are rising artistes but it’s worth it to inject more capital into this if it’s something he wants to flourish in. However I do applaud him for being able to begin. I myself had poorly invested videos coming up but I wouldn’t want Mc ChoCho to take s long as i did before he starts getting recognition.

The quality of the video now counts more and more as Youtube prioritizes HD videos in search and Cisco has promised that consumption of video content shall be more and more.

On the 13th of Feb the young rapper and his crew E.F.P (whom I assume were in the video) created what they self proclaim a “Gangster/Street Banger” called #DeedzaGen’a. The cliq constists of MC ChoCho ,Renovation and Tenny Kay. The song was produced by Lumbo .

Well whether it’s a banger or not is up to the audience and not them, but shout out to them for pushing SOG clothing on the forefront of their video. As you may know, SOG is represented by another Hip-hop player, JayTee who happens to be into Christian rap.


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