New Jokes February 2017

The following jokes were created by Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa and Monalisa K Chishato. These are new jokes made in February 2017.

Walking Through The Avenues

A man walking in the prostitute infested Avenues is stopped by a lady in a mini skirt.

As he tries to listen to what she is saying his phone rings, so picking the call he says, “… Sorry 2 minutes…”

She replies, “That’s 2 bucks.”

Her Old Sugar Daddy

An 18 year old Victoria, she wants her 73 year old sugar-daddy to dye. She doesn’t like white hair.

Allahu Akbar at the airport

An Arab guy yelled, Allah Hu Akbar at the airport, then everyone took cover. Then he said, “False-Alarma-lakum”.

Doctor Appointments

A doctor walks in to the waiting room after a woman has been waiting ther for hours.

He asks, “Do I have any patients in the room.”

The woman says, “No, but I’m Vicky.”


Doctor Appointments Pt. 2

Doctor comes late, and asks
“Do I have any patients.”

“Well, yes you do, but they didn’t.”

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