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Ill Manner who started writing rhymes at the age of 12 after being inspired by Nas and 2 Pac. He has a song entitled “End Of The Tunnel”. In the track, Ill Manner speaks of staying focused in the face of obstacles. The title “End Of The Tunnel” is a metaphor for success which is seen in the form of a light at the end of the tunnel. The “Tunnel” is a metaphor for Ill Manner’s journey through the Zim Rap Game.


It is an introspective track where he says ” I refuse to be weak when I’m surrounded by muscle”, in order to express his will to succeed in the midst of obstacles. In the track he expresses how he wishes to touch the people’s hearts while his peers remain concerned with topping the charts. The track also serves as a portrait of the artist known as “Ill Manner” by expressing his contradictions in lines which say “Got love for the queens and the b****as well/ My mind’s caught up in a mix I’m contradictin’ myself”.


Ill Manner engages in soul searching when he says “When I look at all the wrong in my life/ I wonder if God cosigns the songs that I write”, whereby he wonders if God labels him a lost soul for his musical choice. Ill Manner also reveals that his book of rhymes is his shield against the troubles he faces in the lyrics “Life is a constant process of burden bearin’/ So I lighten my load through these words u hearin”. This song is the soundtrack for every struggling emcee trying to get his voice to be heard.

You can download the song here

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