New Comedy Nights At Sopranos From Simuka Comedy

The recent closure of Harare’s premier arts hub, Book Café rendered the arts industry inactive both for upcoming and known artistes for quite some time . It was especially a huge blow to Simuka Comedy, Zimbabwe’s leading comedy night as Book Café was its home.

I am  glad to learn that this has not stopped Simba The Comic King and Doc Vikela (the founders) from creating new relationships and platforms in different venues. Big ideas never die they say. Co-founder Simba Kakora aka Simba The Comic King told Mcpotar.Com , “After the closure of Book Café we decided to not only branch out but create a comedy circuit as well. A circuit is very important for the growth of standup comedy as I witnessed the few times I’ve toured South Africa.”

I think this is a positive move as we cannot sit and cry over spilt milk. We may as well take the black tea with lemon. lol….  I do know the Book Cafe will recover soon but while we wait our artistes must eat and we as arts lovers must stay relevant.

Victor TinasheMpofu aka Doc Vikela as part of a Simuka Comedy initiative recently started Doc Vikela & Friends a weekly show where he kicks jesters every Thursday at the Rainbow Towers which he hosts that features both new and veteran comedians.(Doc Vikela comment).Simuka Comedy will also be launching a new comedy night at Sopranos Coffee Shop in Avondale this Friday aptly titled Sopranos Comedy Night. “The idea is to reach out to all types of markets, during the time we’ve been promoting comedy in Zimbabwe we’ve realized that everyone loves comedy but some people will choose not to go to certain venues, “says Kakora, “Which is why are now setting up platforms in all types of venues and places so that there’s something for everyone.”

By the way this Sopranos has nothing to do with some series, people with nothing to do are fascinated about.

Simuka Comedy was founded in June 2011 by then upcoming comedians Doc Vikela and Simba The Comic King ( who now opts to use his real name onstage). The comedy company pioneered standup comedy as an industry and has gone on to establish the careers of many of the top comedians in Zimbabwe and continues to nurture the talent of new comedians through workshops and comedy nights.

SImuka Comedy’s latest initiative, Sopranos Comedy Night will be launched this Friday at Sopranos in Avondale and will see comedians, Long John, Prosper the Comic Pastor and veterans, Michael kudakwashe and SimbaKakora take to the stage. “It’s a classy show for a classy audience definitely not to miss,”remarksSimba.

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