New African History Webseries on Youtube

In the month of May whilst this website was down was Africa Day. The unthinQ team decided to release an African Web-series called African Dynasties. African Dynasties is a web series which focuses on biographies of important figures in Africa, particularly the heroes that helped liberate Africa from colonialism.

The unthinQ team comprises of : Monalisa K Chishato, Michael Mupotaringa, Ellen A. Mubwanda, Arlington T. Mawarire, Tanyaradzwa Masaire and Brian Mandimika. It is a team created for the purpose creating 2D animation projects within Africa.

Yes, I listed myself in 3rd person (Michael Mupotaringa). It is allowed.

The first episode honoured Winnie Madikizela Mandela, the ex-wife of the late great Nelson Mandela. It was scipted by Monalisa Chishato and Ellen Alexa Mubwanda and the voiced by Ellen. The background music in the show was done by Arlington Taylor “Aytee” Mawarire, our logo by Brian ‘Cashbid” Mandimika and the animation was done by Michael “Mcpotar” Mupotaringa. – Yes I did that third person thing again.

Watch it here and subscribe to the young Channel.


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