Ndebele and Shona Fused In Tabby Kay’s Hip-hop Offering- Ndiri Fly

There used to be this invisible war between Harare and Bulawayo. I can’t say it was tribal, no it wasn’t. It was rather territorial. However artists from across that division decided, “Wait a minute this is really stupid.” So they started collaborating and this kind of thinking promotes unity.

Recently I stumbled on a song by Tabby Kay ft Ulenni WokaNdlovu called Ndiri Fly. The song is a fusion of Shona and Ndebele hip-hop lyrics. Ulenni also featured in Wordzmyth’s Hello and has been working with a lot of Harare artists. Tabby Kay manages to go in pretty well lyrically. His bars are quite good. As the title suggests it’s basically a braggadocio song. Every bar is supposed to exalt the rapper. There is usually no underlying story in such songs. These are songs where punchlines have to go in.

Tabby Kay Zimbabwe Hip-hop Ndiri Fly

The sound quality however does not quite allow us to hear them as clearly as we should. I believe the mastering can be worked on in future projects. The important thing is they did the song and like I saiud in previous post. If you can record somewhere, do so to keep the game moving forward. This is a multilingual country and I look forward to the day I recieve a tonga hip-hop song.

Tabby kay and Ulenni, keep giving us hip-hop and keep perfecting the missing areas till you blow up in the industry. Get the download here or steam it below.


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