Navy Seal – Elevated, The Review ( Jae Mac A Mastermind)

Navy Seal; Zimbabwe born hip-hop artist dropped the single Elevated on 12 June, 2013. The downloads were from this site but at the time we decided to only give the lyrics and wait for the people to download, get a few views before we compile the review.

The Song And Statistics

The song had over 108 Facebook shares and 31 tweets. Not bad for an under- rated independent artist whom even some independent blogs ignored. The download count at the time of this article was 299. The song is about “elevating to success”. It is about working hard for your money; he begins by paying respect to The Beat Broker (Leonard “El Hefe” Chimanga) and goes on to talk about where he works. He gives the address.

He is obviously talking about legimate means of making money because he says ” How you get your money boy is how I look at you”. He talks about how this elevation has got girls more interested in him compared to a time he had to flash wealth his parents built just to impress them. The hook makes it clear that the song is about money and giving respect to anyone in that paradigm.

Navy Seal flashing money during a photoshoot. #Elevated

It also suggests he was once below that level in the hip-hop hussle. Looking back at Accross the borders; the most downloaded track sat at 107 on first day, Elevated had 250 on the first day; he elevated twice over. He also name drops Certified Street Music and highlights that they are the only ones who understand his dream (that’s why was passionate about this release). He also reminds people that he is Bulawayo born and finally motivates people to follow their dreams before he pays respect to Jae Mac for the good beat.

The Beat

Jae Mac actually dropped this as a free beat. I am not sure if youngstars call this type trap-music… It sounds like a beat Meek Mill and Rick Ross would do a song on. Ironically Navy Seal is a fan of Ross. Hmmm?

Anyway I just know that the transitions in the melodies and baseline synced with the story as if the beat was made in Navy Seal’s presence… Jae Mac is a mastermind.

I never would’ve heard about him. His marketing plan worked. Many are inboxing me for his contacts. I have never met the guy.

Finally download the track and enjoy.

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