Navy Seal – 100 Dollar Bills May Be His Best Hip-hop Video

After a track record of basic to low-budget videos, the Bulawayo rapper, Navy Seal has finally brought us what I would call his “best zim hip-hop video” yet. The visuals are for the song 100 Dollar Bills, a single which he released last month through a Star FM launch on the Super Star Cafe, with DJ Mox.

The song features, Phuture Phil whilst the video is directed by Rasquesity of Creative Pot. Drones in the air and hustling going on in the background of Bulawayo’s sunshine. Slight scenery of a lady basking in it’s glory clad in dazzling white apparel.

Navy also in some scen wears #thisflag (The Zimbabwean flag) in a scarf format though the song is apolitical. This is probably a sign to say, “My Sound Is Zimbo”, a motto he launched in protest when people shot down his accent and style as alienated to the true Zimbabwean sound.

Last year Navy Seal and the Art Department won Best male hip-hop group at Zim Hip-hop awards for their collective debut offering “While You Were Sleeping” which amassed over 5000 downloads on media fire in early 2015. Navy Seal has decided to embark on a solo project though there is no fall out within the group as Tone Lakeside is seen somewhere in the video.

Navy Seal by now if he had been making this would be in some “Top Ten Zim Hip-hop” lists by now.

Hope you enjoy it.

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