Nature Holds Lessons On Investment

Nature Holds Lessons On Investment

I’ve noted that before we talk about the academic part of investment; nature is the first module presented to all and it’s only fairfor those who cannot read. Nature is an open book for many subjects but in this article I’d like to give a basic overview on investment and return.

Sow and Reap

Nature teaches that if you sow a seed in the right season and with the right timing, you will reap a produce multiplied.  If I sow a maize seed, the cob I reap will have more maize seeds which I can in turn sow back into the ground in the next season (cycle) and be able to reap a field with more cobs, containing more maize grains. That’s a principle of investment and abundance. Notice just like in the stock market; I probably sow that seed given the speculations on the weather; I also sow according to season and even location. A clever investor does not invest at the wrong time,, he also reads the “weather” in the market so that he can get returns (reap).

Even the husks and portions of the maize we do not eat may be taken back by the ground to enhance its fertility after they decompose. Whenever I talk of capital investment, note that I also talk about time.  If you give time to work on worthy , you will soon have an abundance of time in your hands when you succeed. However in order to fully utilize this principle, one must not eat the produce too quick or in doing so, he sows the seed for someone else.

Nature almost never really destroys the seed. In the waste/faecal matter of the animal that consumes fruit, the seed is carried and goes back into the ground and is reproduced again, but chances are the animal will not benefit from the new fruit tree as it may have left the place. Another animal will come along and enjoy hat fruit. What am I saying?

I am saying if you get capital you can potentially invest but you waste it; you empower someone else’s investment. Money is always in circulation; when you waste it someone is gaining it. It simply does not disappear from the earth because you wasted it. The person who receives the money you waste may sow it and multiply it. I encourage that if you get a salary, you reserve a certain amount for savings and investment and even invest in financial education and books that talk about financial literacy.

I recommend that one reads: Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad’s Cash Flow Quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

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