Nashy J – Addresses Gold Digging Ex In New Song “Gold Digger”

This song is by Nashy J, where he addresses a supposed ex who was a gold digger. Truth or fiction, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the song.

Nashy J is a rising Zimbabwean rapper with brilliant bars. The last time I heard him he was dissing a couple of emcees including Noble Stylz, which I thought was a bad idea. I however understand the ambition and I believe he is a very talented spitter who should keep on working on perfecting his brand.

Artistically I think he is beyond entry level rap but this video would have looked better even on a low budget. The rapper is great and I like the first steps he is taking to actually make a video, not all artistes begin big. However sometimes that video maybe your first impression and first shot at a new fan. So Nashy J, I need you to work really hard on the branding and marketing side of things.

I will never lie to you, lyrically you are gifted. Big Shout out to you.


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