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“We live in a world where most of what we need or want is in paper form. For instance, you want money that’s a type of paper. So is a degree, a licence, certificate e.t.c” – Naboth Rizla

naboth rizla paper-chase

Multi-faceted artiste, fashion label owner and hip-hop promoter Rizla has a song titled paper chase and as mentioned in the quote above, his meaning of paper is not only confined to money. Rather it also encompasses all forms of papers such as title deeds, certificates and degrees that allow us to get by in the world.

“You need paper to make paper hence we’re all on the paper chase.”- Naboth Rizla

Even I have never viewed the phrase paper chase in such an intelligent context. I have come to appreciate Rizla as one of the unsung geniuses of our Hip-hop movement. His use of the word paper-chase is powerful.

The first 2 lines of the second verse, “I run the paper chase with the paper stashed in the paper bag/ The paper race brings the paper back so do the paper check.”

“basically I’m on the grind hustling with a paper bag full of whatever I am selling. So this hustle that I’m selling has got to bring back money. So as a guy on the grind we got this tendency to keep count of wares and calculating how much you gon’ get or already have so far. It’s how I used to push my clothing on the streets with a back pack full of tees and watching all the merchandise get bought as I moved from block to building making sales. So that verse really translates to me going out and getting it.”

For those who would then question his credentials and rights to talk about paper let me set the record straight. Rizla has been disciplined and open minded. He is making “paper” through quality merchandise in the form of GV (Grape Vine) clothing, such as the snapbacks which are a high end product for the hip-hop listeners that like quality.

“You gotta work hard, be disciplined and consistent when chasing paper. Always be open to new ideas and eager to learn and surpass what you did yesterday.” – Wise words.

Ironically in the same statement, though he is known to host rap battles under Da Grape Vine he said, “Don’t battle others, battle your own achievements.” Well of course he wasn’t referring to the rap battles.

For him being an emcee is more than just the music. Music is a “paper” for him to get into other things such as writing and clothing. Many other disciplines as well.

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