Myke Pimp – Run It Video and What He Needs To Improve On

A few months after the audio version of “Run It”, Myke Pimp came back and dropped us another Chris ShoCa video to the same song. I reviewed “Run It” weeks ago  on this blog and I said I loved the song.

Now looking at the video I would give him a thumbs up for a well invested setting. Suburban house, nice clothes, jaw-dropping females all of which was partly shot by a drone. I think I spotted Elizabeth Bae in it as well. Good going there home’ gurl!

There are some clips in between of animals in the wild and in combat and some of them by accident or design actually merge with what he will be saying.

For instance where he says “tochimhanya” a cheetah is seen running. These are the good parts.

The Weak Parts

Despite the corresponding animal clips and the drones, what have you. Myke Pimp clearly did notget a script writer for this one. I am assuming Chris ShoCa did all of the work but I would suggest that they let Chris do the filming next time then hire the services of a dedicated writer such as leroy Dzenga, Tendekai Tati, Savage (yes he did that academically) or anybody in their circle who is good at scripting.

Many Zimbabwean Hip-hop videos are failing to have such scripts but notable tracks with a clear script are Changamire (DKR – Gudo Guru), Ndomuudza Sei (Mafriq), Ghetto Star (Savage). The HD has been good, the angles have been alright. We love the girls, cars, drones and the white balance in these things.

I too as a blogger have had such unscripted videos, so I’m actually addressing a problem we all face.

In conclusion

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